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This is not a destination but a journey. This is a place that holds no boundaries. This is filled with love, hate, war, peace, and the many cracks that fill the voids of the world.

A gamer. A comic book geek. A rocker. A punk. An artist. Creative. That is who I could be but I instead, am myself. Something out of the ordinary. Something else.


i hate when people take other people’s glasses and are like ‘you have horrible vision’ like do you take wheelchairs from people and go ‘wow you have shitty legs’

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—What Is Up Dog?


probably one of the funniest moments in Game Grumps history

Neil Cicierega

—Mullet With Butterfly Wings


C’mon baby, let’s go

—Daft Mouth


It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better